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From harvest to hair, Chebe represents the spirit of African beauty in the rocky mountains of Chad’s Guéra region.


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It’s chebe powder that these women credit for helping their hair grow strong and long—in some cases, as long as 30 inches. That’s down to your butt and below long.


What Is Chebe Powder?

Chebe, traditionally used in Chad, a country in Africa, is a mixture of cherry seeds, cloves, lavender crotons, stone scent and resin tree sap. The powder appears fine and brown. It has been traditionally used by women in Chad and it helps them maintain long waist length natural hair.The female members of Izou’s tribe, and other nomadic women of the region, are known for their thick and lustrous hair, which often falls well below the belly button. The key to retaining their lengths?

Discover The Science behind Our Product

The Plant

The mountains of Chad’s Guéra region, home to the native plant croton gratissimus, known as Chébé.

The Harvest

Chébé seeds, are harvested from the croton gratissimus trees, in bloom–albeit a bit parched due to dry season.


The seeds are then winnowed to remove impurities, Once cleaned, they will be transformed into an extract for the modern Chébé du Tchad hair cream.

What They Say

I must say I'm impressed. I have really thick hair and LOVE LOVE WEAVES.. but I've had the powder in my hair for under two weeks.. and I'm shook how it's hydrated, manageable, healthy-looking, and growth!. I've seriously found the best thing for me.. I'm buying more right now. I mix coconut oil, Aragon oil, and powder. I apply every three days for two weeks. then wash. I got my mom and family hooked.
Betaniam Toyoko-Patel
Chebe is the best thing that has ever happened to my hair I have tried everything it is for shedding and nothing has ever worked. Chebe is the answer to all my hair problems. No more shedding and breakage my hair is very thick and bouncy and getting long very fast. OMG this stuff is great I will use it for life.
Leila Mbaye
So let's dispel the myth right now, Chebe does not make your hair grow. Applying Chebe powder mixed with your favorite oil to the strains of your hair traps in moisture, which eliminates brittle, easy to snap strains and ends. Eliminating hair breakage equates to length retention and length retention means longer hair. Overall, I like the effect Chebe has on my hair and will continue using it until I reach my goal.
Lulit Gabhremariam

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